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  • The Renaissance FineChem is the first company to manufacture the selective API intermediates in India. Which are Mentioned in our Product List.
  • We reduce imports by manufacturing the special API.
  • We start Exports for the same products with Quality assure API in india.
  • By manufacturing in India, we will be initiated on "Atmanirbhar Bharat".

Our Products

Sr. No. Name of the Product   CAS No.
Category of Product
Name of API in which
Intermediate Used/ End use of
said Intermediate
  CAS No.
1 Methoxyacetic acid 625-45-6 Intermediate Fludarabine 75607-67-9
2 Methyl Methoxyacetate 6290-49-9 Intermediate Sulfadoxine 2447-57-6
3 Ethyl Methoxyacetate 3938-96-3 Intermediate Sulfadoxine 2447-57-6
4 Glycolic Acid 79-14-1 Intermediate Roxatidine 78628-28-1
5 Aetoxyacetic Acid 13831-30-6 Intermediate Roxatidine 78628-28-1
6 4-Chlorobutyric acid methyl ester (Methyl4-Colorobutyrate) 32807-28-6 Intermediate Fexofenadine 83799-24-0
7 Cholocyclohexane 542-18-7 Intermediate Axelopran 949904-50-1
8 Glycine 56-40-6 API Glycine USP,BP,JP 56-40-6
9 Sodium Hyluronate 9067-32-7 API Sodium Hyluronate IP 9067-32-7
10 Potassium Hyluronate 31799-91-4 API Potassium Hyluronate IP 31799-91-4


  • We Are The Only Manufacturer Of Abouve Product
  • Zero Discharge
  • High Quality Product
  • Environment Clearance Done
  • Disposal Of Hydrochloric Acid Is An Major Issue In Saurastra Regeion, We Are Using Hydrochloric Acid As Our Raw Material.
  • Environment Frendly Process