We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently, enhanced brand loyalty and new leads thanks to our work.

We "HERALD GROUP" are team of Highly educated skilled professionals for the Lab Grown Diamond manufacturer. As a company we will work in diversified sectors and able to find the values and concepts in business management.

It is our great pleasure to introduce "Herald Technocraft Pvt. Ltd." as a Quality oriented Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer. Our team has strong credentials and knowledge on management, Product Development and operations as well.


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The Herald Technocraft Pvt Ltd is the company to manufacture the CVD base Lab Grown Diamond in India.

We revolutionizes the diamond industry with cutting edge CVD Lab Grown Diamond technology.

We reduce imports by manufacturing the special Lab Grown Diamond.

We start Exports for the special type of Lab Grown Diamond which are not Manufactured in India till date.

By manufacturing in India, we will be initiated on "Atmanirbhar Bharat".

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Our Products

  • Lab Grown Diamond.
  • Lab Grown diamonds are known in the market with many names like
  • Lab made Diamonds,
  • Cultured Diamonds,
  • Lab-created Diamonds,
  • CVD Diamonds, etc.
  • We manufactures diamonds with high quality in laboratory, as opposed to naturally occurring diamonds. However, the chemical composition and other physical and optical properties of the two are the same.


Various gases are a major raw material for our product. With our extensive experience in the field of gases, we operate a research and development-based manufacturing unit that yields superior results and clarity in diamond manufacturing.

Use of specialty gases to improve production and Quality.

  • Zero discharge.
  • Already started manufacturing.
  • In house R & D unit for various feed Gases and Finished Products.
  • We are ready to scale up over manufacturing starting from 3 machines to 36 machines in next phase.